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Pointing to Christ By Growing to be Like Him Through His Word as His Family

1405 S. Kanawha St.
Beckley WV, 25801
(304) 255-1575
Service Times: Sundays  ∙ 10:45am ∙ 6:30pm
Wednesdays ∙ 6:30pm

We are taking extra precautions to ensure your safety on Sunday morning. We ask that everyone upon entering would go straight to a seat and then at the end of the service would also exit the building promptly. Please confine all congregating to the parking lot and at a safe social distance. We also encourage everyone to wear a mask on Sunday morning.
Just a reminder that as much as we long to see you face to face, if you:

-have symptoms
-have been around someone who is sick
-are at an elevated health risk
-have traveled in the last 14 days,
please stay home and worship with us via our streamed service online.

Due to the recent spike of Covid cases in area churches, the pastoral leadership team has decided it would be wise to postpone restarting Sunday morning small groups and Wednesday night activities in person. We are very concerned for your safety and the good name of Christ in our community. Please know we want to restart these groups as soon as possible so we are closely monitoring these Covid spikes. We will continue to update you frequently.

    Why Come Back to Church after Covid 19?

    1. We're embodied Creatures
    2. The Church is One Body
    3. The Spirit is Drawing us
    4. We're a Spiritual Family
    5. Preaching is a Sacred Moment
    6. There is Nothing like Singing Together
    7. We need baptisms and Communion
    8. You have a Job to Do
    9. Our Worship is a Witness
    10. Greetings Change Lives
    For more about each one of these, see: 


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    Current Message

    The Guts of the Gospel: A Study of Romans 1-8 - Final Applications Part 2

    July 06, 2020
    Dr. James Boyd
    Romans 8:33-34

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